Absolutely organised helped me move from our big house of 17 years to a 2 bedroomed flat. They were professional, caring, understanding of my fragile emotional state & oh so organised! They first helped me declutter & get rid of things I wouldn’t have space for in our new home. Some went to charity & some were sold. Then they packed me up, cleaned my house to be ready for the new owners, moved me, took our things to a storage facility because we couldn’t move into our new place straight away. Then they orchestrated our move into the flat. They cleaned & unpacked everything that could be unpacked. I would not have known where to start & definitely would not have been able to do it without them holding my hand along the way. I certainly wouldn’t have been ready for the new owners to move into our house & would still be unpacking, nearly a month later, if I didn’t have their help. It was worth every minute & cent spent. I would absolutely recommend their services to anyone!” Nicole