Absolutely Fabulous

Absolutely Organised is absolutely fabulous. Paula helped me declutter and pack in a most organised and professional way. She made a very daunting task a smooth process, leaving me feeling lighter and more in control.

Philippa A.

A Place for Everything and for Everything a Place!

I thoroughly enjoyed an afternoon spent with Paula recently. Not only did she help me to organise my personal space optimally, in so doing, the exercise also rearranged my head space!! A place for everything and for everything a place.
Louise R

Minimum fuss!

Paula from Absolutely Organised helped me move 4 years ago from my home of 50 years to a 3 room apartment. June

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You are a Magician!

You have made everything so accessible. Thank you so much. You are a magician!
I’m feeling so relaxed and happily packing for Durban (en route to London).

Reasonable Price Structure

Thank you for your amazing service and unconditional support, and for being so reasonable in your price structure. All of this is highly appreciated.
Jeanine S

Moving to Israel

Hi Paula,

Thanks again for all your help, it was indeed SO helpful, not only helped me practically and also to allay stress.Huge thanks and all the best going forward.
I have sent your details to a friend and will spread the word.

All the Best,
Justine S

Clutter free

My house was absolute disaster zone… Thankfully I was given Paula’s details and she came soon to my rescue! Nicola

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Super special

“It was amazing to walk into a place that once looked like a typhoon just wandered through and find it open, light and airy, with a place for everything. Super special! Jodie Franco

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Professional and caring

It was worth every minute & cent spent. I would absolutely recommend their services to anyone! Nicole

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Thanking my lucky stars

I just need you to know that it was a privilege to have met you.” Elizabeth

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Strength, hard work and serenity

_”Dear Paula and your wonderful team of women! Thank you for carrying and
holding me through one of the hardest transitions, the dismantling and
moving from a family home into creating another. Thank you for all your
strength, hard work and serenity in a time of chaos and change and for
supporting me through it!”_

Victoria Spencer


Unbelievable, on every level imaginable… I was exhausted, totally overwhelmed and traumatised by the mere volume of the task ahead. (Downsizing and moving from a three bedroom to a two bedroom house.) Paula walked in and brought calm and order and mind blowing efficiency. My mountain became a molehill when in fact it was still a mountain. Thank you for your dedication and sensitivity… and ridiculous hard work and speed! I recommend this service as it is outstanding and worth its weight in gold!” Landy

Wardrobe magic!

“After two days of Paula working her magic on my wardrobe I now save about ten minutes every morning getting ready. I had no idea I was hoarding so many things that I don’t wear and never will, and it was cluttering my cupboard so I couldn’t find the things I do like to wear. Now it’s a dream and I’m motivated to keep it that way. Thanks Paula!” Amy Brooke, eTV and ENCA News Anchor

Massive help

“Paula’s approach to decluttering was both gentle and firm; this meant I felt free to keep the sentimental things I really wanted to, without feeling “judged”, and felt safe enough to let go of things I had been holding onto unnecessarily. I found the whole experience incredibly energising as we moved the old things out of my life – and made space for the new….” Angela, (hard) working mom

Help with garage

“Thank you Paula for helping me organize today. My garage is filled with stuff from 3 different households. Even though the garage is still full with stuff I feel like we accomplished my first step of goals which are to categorize the items into: store, sell, donate, and sort with mom. I also have space to walk and the ability to access the categories of items. You have given me contacts that I can use to sell my stuff which makes me feel less anxious about the process and less work for me to do. Thanks again and I look forward to the next session!” Jamie


Bedroom decluttering and organising

In a word - Lekker! My room was lekker when you finished with it. Everything had its place.” Hugh