Moving house

Minimum fuss!

Paula from Absolutely Organised helped me move 4 years ago from my home of 50 years to a 3 room apartment. June

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Professional and caring

It was worth every minute & cent spent. I would absolutely recommend their services to anyone! Nicole

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Thanking my lucky stars

I just need you to know that it was a privilege to have met you.” Elizabeth

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Strength, hard work and serenity

_”Dear Paula and your wonderful team of women! Thank you for carrying and
holding me through one of the hardest transitions, the dismantling and
moving from a family home into creating another. Thank you for all your
strength, hard work and serenity in a time of chaos and change and for
supporting me through it!”_

Victoria Spencer


Unbelievable, on every level imaginable… I was exhausted, totally overwhelmed and traumatised by the mere volume of the task ahead. (Downsizing and moving from a three bedroom to a two bedroom house.) Paula walked in and brought calm and order and mind blowing efficiency. My mountain became a molehill when in fact it was still a mountain. Thank you for your dedication and sensitivity… and ridiculous hard work and speed! I recommend this service as it is outstanding and worth its weight in gold!” Landy