Giving Back

Cheshire Homes de-cluttering

As a way of giving back to the community, I teamed up with Fiona Heath from Simply Organised Solutions and Jamie-Lee Stotter from The Clutter Coach to de-clutter and archive the office for Cheshire Homes in Milnerton.

The office had a backlog of ten years of filing and admin. Our mandate was to create a working archive and set up systems for more efficient office management going forward. This involved:

  • Decluttering files
  • Separating current documents from those to be archived or recycled
  • Creating and populating an archive
  • Sourcing archiving materials courtesy Tidy files Cape Town.
  • Purging documents from filing system and creating a user friendly system going forward.

The process was completed over several sessions amounting to approximately 30 hours, and Cheshire Homes were delighted with the result!

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Absolutely Organised in the press

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