Giving Back

Cheshire Homes de-cluttering

As a way of giving back to the community, I teamed up with Fiona Heath from Simply Organised Solutions and Jamie-Lee Stotter from The Clutter Coach to de-clutter and archive the office for Cheshire Homes in Milnerton.

The office had a backlog of ten years of filing and admin. Our mandate was to create a working archive and set up systems for more efficient office management going forward. This involved:

  • Decluttering files
  • Separating current documents from those to be archived or recycled
  • Creating and populating an archive
  • Sourcing archiving materials courtesy Tidy files Cape Town.
  • Purging documents from filing system and creating a user friendly system going forward.

The process was completed over several sessions amounting to approximately 30 hours, and Cheshire Homes were delighted with the result!

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One simple way to declutter your desk

Working at a disorganised, messy desk can negatively affect your work. Everything competes for your attention and the mess can make you feel flustered and add to your stress levels. If you haven’t got the time to do a thorough decluttering but do need to make a change FAST, there is one way that works really well and helps to make it easier when you do the big tidy up.

How does it work?

Quite simple. Clear your desk/drawers completely, and place everything into a box, which is accessible but not in the way or even in sight.
Have only the essentials on your desk - your laptop and phone, for instance.

Then, whenever you find that you need to use something (a stapler, pen, etc.,) go to the box and bring only that item. Find a suitable place for it (e.g. drawer, pen holder).

This way, by the time you get to sorting through the box, you already have a great idea of what you actually need and use and what is just taking up space.

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