Reasonable Price Structure

Thank you for your amazing service and unconditional support, and for being so reasonable in your price structure. All of this is highly appreciated.
Jeanine S


Unbelievable, on every level imaginable… I was exhausted, totally overwhelmed and traumatised by the mere volume of the task ahead. (Downsizing and moving from a three bedroom to a two bedroom house.) Paula walked in and brought calm and order and mind blowing efficiency. My mountain became a molehill when in fact it was still a mountain. Thank you for your dedication and sensitivity… and ridiculous hard work and speed! I recommend this service as it is outstanding and worth its weight in gold!” Landy

A pleasure to work with

“I have had the pleasure of working with Paula on a number of joint projects. I love the way she sets to the work with focus and the end goal in mind. I highly recommend her organising skills along with a dedication and compassion that is essential in our line of work!” Judith, Professional Organiser